Dr. Benjamin Benulis
Hi, I’m Dr. Benjamin Benulis, a chiropractor in Phoenix, Arizona.  I use a gentle touch to help people relieve, pain tension and stress in their bodies.  To learn more about how this works, watch the accompanying video:

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Healing Back Pain and Breathing Problems
After a long career of bodybuilding, Robert came to me with back pain so bad he had difficulty getting out of bed in the morning.  He also had to have his wife carry his suitcase in the airport for fear of throwing out his back.  He also suffered from episodes of difficulty breathing which would interfere with his ability to speak on stage to audiences or appear on podcasts, videos etc.  We were able to work through all of this, get him back in the gym, back up over the 200lb mark and speaking regularly again without fear of breathing issues.
Back Pain, Tension & Unprocessed Grief
Julie came to me with back and leg pain that was so intense it was preventing her from getting out and doing one of her favorite activities: hiking. Over the course of a year she had experienced the loss of both parents as well as 2 of her dogs. Unable to grieve she went into workaholic mode and the emotional pain began to manifest as physical. Working together doing gentle chiropractic care we were able to get not only the physical pain and tension out of her body, but also help relieve a great deal of her anxiety and allow her finally grieve for all the losses that had happed in her life.
Better Adapting to Stress and Needing Less Downtime
Ryan came to me as a bodybuilder who puts a lot of stress on his body through his workouts and also his hectic travel schedule. He came to me for chiropractic care I have been adjusting him regularly for about several months now. He has seen huge strides in his ability to withstand physical stress from his workouts, as well as mental and emotional stress from his travel schedule and other stressors.
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Patients seek my care for many reasons ranging from pain relief to achieving a healthier lifestyle. Here is an overview of conditions I can help with: 
• Headaches • Stress & Overwhelm • Neck Pain 
• Chronic Pain • Back Pain • Knee Pain • Joint Pain • Digestive Issues • Muscle Stiffness • Sprains and Strains
Empowering my patients to understand their bodies, move past their symptoms and focus on building their health is the core of my approach: 
• Chiropractic Adjustments • Stress Management 
• Injury Rehab • Nutrition & Healthy Recipes 
• Healthy Lifestyle Education
Ultimately, my treatments help patients feel physically, mentally and emotionally better. The results you get are custom-tailored to your personal goals and can include: 
• Reduced Pain, Stress & Tension  • Enhanced Quality of Life • Decreased Stress • Greater Mental Clarity • More Energy 
Dr. Benjamin Benulis © 2019 - All Rights Reserved