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The Autoimmune Recovery Blueprint


A Quickstart Guide to Healing from Autoimmune Disease

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  • Learn critical information about how autoimmune diseases work
  • Learn how inflammation plays a critical role in these conditions, and how you can reduce or eliminate it!
  • Understand the important role of the nervous system in regulating your body and your immune system
  • ...AND how to tap into that to help your body heal itself
  • Be able to start implementing tips in here immediately
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Meet Dr. Benjamin Benulis

I'm Dr. Benjamin Benulis.  People with autoimmune disease work with me to reverse their condition once and for all.  Because most are sick of dealing with chronic pain, chronic fatigue, embarrassing digestive issues and all kinds of sensitivities to foods, chemicals, weather etc.  Having come down with myself and unable to get help from the medical system, I know first hand what you're going through.

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