I'm Dr. Benjamin Benulis.  People with Autoimmune Disease work with me to conquer their condition once and for all.

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The Autoimmune Recovery Blueprint (Free)

10 years ago when I came down with an autoimmune disease I had no idea where to get started with healing.  This is the free quick-start blueprint I wish I had all those years ago.

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Dr. Ben's Autoimmune Webinar

Watch the replay of Dr. Ben's Webinar "Recover from Autoimmune Disease".  This is free 50-minute master class in reversing autoimmune disease with diet and lifestyle.

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Interested in coaching to help you improve or even reverse your health condition?  Apply for a free discovery call with Dr. Ben.

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Client Testimonials

Watch testimonials from students of Dr. Ben who have reversed their autoimmune conditions with his help.

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