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Reclaim Your Life:

You CAN Break Free from Autoimmune and Chronic Pain

(Even if your doctors are telling you that you can't!)

  • Root Cause Healing:
    Understand and target the root cause of your health conditions, rather than trying to merely suppress symptoms which inevitably leads to side effects

  • Chronic Pain Relief:
    Embrace relief from pain, inflammation, and discomfort as your body heals itself from the inside out.

  • Improved Energy:

    Get out of the cycle of being chronically fatigued, to where you can once again show up with abundant energy and the enthusiasm for the people and activities you love.

  • Long Term Results:

    Dr. Ben teaches you the skills to reclaim your vitality and maintain it long term so eventually you are not dependent on drugs, doctors or influences outside of your control.

  • Enhanced Mobility:

    Reclaim your freedom of movement and flexibility, stepping out of the traditional bounds to relish everyday activities with newfound ease.


Receiving a diagnosis of an autoimmune disorder can leave you feeling anxious and uncertain about the road ahead. Do you go the conventional medical route first? Do you try alternative treatments? A mix of both?

I'm here to provide you with a proven protocol and unwavering support to help you regain control of your health.

Fighting This
Battle For Years?

If you've spent years battling autoimmune or chronic pain, I want you to know that there's hope. As someone who has personally faced down these conditions, I deeply understand the frustration and exhaustion you may be feeling.

I offer a fresh perspective and a tailored approach to healing. Let's work together to break free from the cycle of pain and limitations.

Doctors Can't
"Figure You Out"?

Tired of hearing "it's all in your head" or "your bloodwork looks normal so you must be fine" from traditional doctors who can't find the answers? I've been there, and I know how real your struggle is.

With a unique outlook and a personalized strategy for healing, let's join forces to liberate you from the grip of pain and constraints.


About Dr. Ben

I've been where you are, grappling with the frustration and confusion of chronic pain and autoimmune disorders.

Traditional treatments left me feeling trapped in a cycle of suffering, and I knew there had to be a better way. That's why I've dedicated myself to discovering unconventional solutions that challenge the mainstream approach.

My journey led me to develop a protocol that targets the root causes of these conditions, providing a path to lasting relief and renewed vitality.

With my personal experience and expertise, I'm here to show you that there's hope beyond the limitations you've faced, and together, we can break free from the chains of chronic illness.

Here's The Sad Truth...

Traditional medicine often fails to address the complexities of autoimmune and chronic pain conditions.

It's frustrating when your concerns are dismissed or met with uncertainty, leaving you in a state of constant struggle.

I've witnessed countless individuals like you navigate this maze of frustration, which is precisely why I've taken an unconventional approach. At Create Health, we're challenging the status quo and offering you a personalized journey to healing that defies the norm.

Let's leave the frustration behind and embark on a journey that empowers you to regain control of your health and well-being.


A Recovery Process As Unique As You Are

Personalized Nutrition Plan

We create a tailored nutrition plan that emphasizes nutrient rich whole foods designed to fully unlock and unleash your body's previously suppressed powerful innate self-healing mechanisms - a stark contrast to the western medicine strategy.

Lifestyle Modification

You'll gain insights into personalized lifestyle adjustments, encompassing stress management techniques, sleep optimization, and targeted physical activity recommendations designed to foster healing.

Mind-Body Connection

Knowing that past trauma and a nervous system stuck in fight-or-flight mode can inhibit healing, my protocol seamlessly integrates eastern and western strategies for shifting the nervous from ever-vigilant red-alert mode, to a calm, peaceful state where healing can occur.


Years of Experience


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Success Stories


Lives Changed


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If you're ready to break free from the constraints of traditional approaches and embark on a journey that's as unique as you are, it's time to take action.

Let's have a conversation that could transform your life. Schedule a call with me today, and together, we'll explore my protocol can bring you the relief, healing, and vitality you've been seeking.

Don't let another day go by without taking a step towards reclaiming your health and living life on your terms.

CREATE HEALTH: Reverse AutoImmune Disease

Without Drugs or Their Side Effects

Autoimmune diseases are estimated to plague 1 in 4 people in the western world yet current mainstream medical treatments for them are riddled with side effects and fall well short of a cure. However, making serious changes to diet and lifestyle can create major improvements in symptoms or in many cases fully reverse these diseases.

Create Health offers a no-nonsense look at what autoimmune diseases are, where they come from, and how to actually heal using diet and lifestyle. Further, it investigates exactly why the mainstream medical system fails to deliver a satisfactory solution.

Dr. Benulis, once an autoimmune patient himself years ago shares his story of how he was able to break free of the medical hamster wheel and heal with diet and lifestyle.



My patients often come to my door as a last-ditch effort, having exhausted all the standard remedies for their autoimmune and chronic pain issues. But here's the exciting twist: my approach isn't just a different tune, it's a whole new playlist.

My method isn't just a ray of hope; it's a data-driven, science-backed, proven path to wellness.

These testimonials are the triumph of logic over limitations, and they're here to show you that the unconventional route could lead to your ultimate victory.

Vicky's Story


Deanna's Story

Rheumatoid Arthritis

Carol's Story

Multiple Sclerosis

Nick's Story

Rheumatoid Arthritis

Ramsina's Story


Sarbjit's Story

Ulcerative Colitis.

Karmella's Story

Chronic Joint Pain & IBS

Stephanie's Story


Rajan's Story

Pemphigoid Bullous


What Our Clients Say

Not only is my thyroid healing, I also feel the best I have felt in a long time. Years even! I have more energy than I have had in years, I have lost 10 pounds, I’m sleeping like a log at night, my eczema is better, my digestion is perfect, and I am the happiest I have been in a very long time!



Dr. Ben and Ramsina have been a wealth of knowledge and support. I definitely couldn't have made it this far without them. My energy has had a complete 180 turnaround, my mental clarity and focus have improved, especially at work, and my sleep has improved . It's been a life changer for me.


Rheumatoid Arthritis

Are you ready to finally be free of autoimmune disease and chronic pain?

If you made it this far, I know that you, or someone you love, are dealing with these issues. I highly encourage you to take this first step. I can help, and I look forward to speaking with you.

Don't wait. Book your appointment now.

At Create Health, my mission is to challenge the mainstream narrative surrounding autoimmune and chronic pain diseases. I'm here to provide you with personalized guidance, transformative protocols, and unwavering support that address the root causes of these conditions.

Together, we'll defy the status quo and embark on a journey towards lasting well-being and renewed vitality.

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